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Wednesday, 13 October 2004

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1428 - Busy day tomorrow

It looks like everything will happen tomorrow:

First, I'll shoot a segment for G4techTV. I don't know when it'll air yet.

Then it's off to lunch with Steven Lisberger, the guy who wrote and directed TRON. That'll be very interesting indeed.

After that, back to the hotel, and an interview with evilzug for a documentary he's doing on cosplay.

Finally (and this isn't confirmed yet), I expect to air the fifth date on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Looking at their schedule for the week, that looks like the most likely day. There's a possibility it won't be till Friday, but I hope it isn't, as it'll make getting to the Siouxland Harvest Feast difficult.

That leaves today to start in on a project I picked up for my sometime employer. Whee. I get to learn Python and its Tk interface.

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I KNOW you're looking forward to your lunch with Mr. Lisberger. I hope it leads off into some cool stuff for you.

As for the date's airing, I'll just keep checking. My friends and family don't want to miss it. I have no idea why...
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Your lunch with Lisberger

(Sorry... I saw My Dinner with André back in my college days.)

Seriously, that's very neat. I'm envious. Please pass along thanks for a fine movie.

You're giving me a reason to actually watch G4techTV again; hearing that G4 bought them out, fired everybody, and was going to merge into a network that catered to the "gaming lifestyle" was highly antiperistaltogenic.

Python is actually pretty clean. (Just be glad you're not having to learn Perl, the language that has taken TECO's place as the archetypal "source code looks like modem noise" in Platonic heaven.) I keep meaning to start writing small stuff in it, and Billie's still got that Python text I bought her back when we got engaged. (Damn, I'm romantic...) I should go ahead and take the plunge.
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Re: Your lunch with Lisberger

I'm looking forward to everything tomorrow...it's all looking to be interesting.

I speak Perl, but it's not the right answer for the job I'm looking to do. It would be thoroughly eeeevil if it weren't so damned useful.
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You rock! See you tomorrow!
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WOW. I really hope we get a full report on the Lisberger meeting.

By the way, that thing you said in one of your earlier posts about trying out for voice-over work, you should definitely give that a shot.

I was having those same thoughts myself about your voice. Something along the lines of "Man, it's a shame Animaniacs isn't on anymore. Jay would be perfect on that show..." There's just a ZANY quality to your voice, it's weird. I think that you are secretly unhinged, Mr. Jay. I wouldn't be suprised to find out that that you take a briefcase full of cream pies and seltzer water everywhere you go.

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