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Saturday, 30 October 2004

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1536 - They finally noticed

I just spent an hour and a half or so talking with a reporter for the Fairmont Sentinel. We discussed the costume, why I did it, and its effect on my life.

The reporter's husband was watching Monday Night Football last week, and left the TV on while he was doing other things - and saw me as Jimmy was introducing me as being from Fairmont.

The story should run in Monday's paper, so people can read it and then see me on Jimmy Kimmel Live that night. The local reaction should be interesting.

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To answer the probable first question...

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Re: To answer the probable first question...


However they only show the top three stories on-line, so even if it's not seen on the web site it may well be in the paper. To answer another question, I will be getting a copy or three of Monday's paper.

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WElllll... that that took long enough didn't it!!!!

Some reporter - her hubby finds her a lead while watching football... I'm soooo ROFL about that...

Be sure we get a play by play on the interview to compare with what gets published... I've interviewed with small town papers before... and things I didn't say ended up in the article GRIN. The only publication I've ever interviewed with that actually quoted me correctly was Ladies Home Journal!

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