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Saturday, 18 December 2004

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1545 - Two, maybe 3, upcoming Kimmel appearances and a repeat

The Jimmy Kimmel Live holiday schedule has been posted. I'll appear on three, maybe four, shows:

Wednesday, 22 December, JKL's holiday special: I'm in this one for a short bit.
Thursday, 23 December: A repeat of the November 1 October 25 show with Jason Schwartzman and Xzibit, with the fifth date (another residual check, whee!).
Monday, 27 December and Wednesday, 29 December, Behind the Scenes documentary: I'll be in one or both of these, depending on how they put them together.

Arm your VCRs.

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How warm is that suit, anyway?
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Not at all; in fact, it's quite cold. A single layer of spandex is a lousy insulator, as I am reminded when I go to a Renaissance faire in the late fall in tights, and the car's been sitting outside in 30-40 F weather...cold leather seats, yow.

If it's much below 75 F, I get cold in that costume.
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Oooh...and on My Birthday Too

Oooh, a repeat of date #5? Although, I'm sure I'll see myself getting derezzed again, I certainly thought the date went better than Jimmy alleged last time.

Too bad, but I somehow doubt Jimmy will wish me a Happy Birthday.

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