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Tuesday, 1 April 2003

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0922 - Meigs Field

This past Sunday night, under cover of darkness, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley had bulldozers protected by armed police officers destroy the runway at Meigs Field. Meigs is best known, these days, as the airport that people starting out in Microsoft Flight Simulator fly out of. The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association has several stories on the destruction at their web site.

Here's the letter I sent to Mayor Daley's office:

Your destruction of Meigs Field under cover of darkness on a Sunday night is despicable. If you were truly concerned about it, you would not have agreed to keep the airport open in 2001; you would not have accepted federal airport funds to keep the airport open and improve it; and you certainly would not have hidden your actions in this cowardly manner. I can only believe that you continue to be reelected to the Chicago mayor's office because the Chicago political machine that was notorious for keeping your father in office is working as strongly as ever.

I hope that the City of Chicago loses large lawsuits to the people whose aircraft you have stranded at Meigs, and that Boeing - who cited Meigs' presence as one big reason for moving to Chicago in the first place - changes their plans and moves to a city that's friendly to aviation.

I realize that you don't care much what someone from Fairmont, Minnesota thinks of you or your city. I'll be surprised if this email is actually read by the mayor instead of a staff flunky. Nevertheless, I couldn't let my outrage at this cowardly action go unremarked on.

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At least you call it for what it is: destruction of property.

I for one am sick of hearing that "Daley shut down Meigs Field," because it just isn't true. He destroyed it. The (rather small) picture from WMAQ's website was all I needed to see.

Like I said yesterday, how about Boeing taking a play from the Daley playbook, and, "under cover of darkness, without warning," just pick their HQ up and move back to Seattle? It'd be the same thing, but maybe the mayor would miss Boeing more than an airfield.

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