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Thursday, 17 October 2002

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0851 - More cluelessness

I got a call this morning from Bevcomm. The guy who called me initially told me that they could not do reverse DNS, period. When I disagreed, he punted me to another guy, who also disagreed and finally punted me to their Internet administrator. We discussed it for a bit; he didn't believe that an integral part of providing an IP address is providing reverse DNS, as well. When I explained that Bevcomm was doing the right thing, and it was their upstream that was falling down on the job, he agreed to go research the issue with them. He wasn't happy that I want to run my own email servers, however.

Meanwhile, I'm off to find the RFC that mandates working reverse DNS.

I can accept (though not happily) cluelessness from the first-line support folks. When it's their Internet administrator, I have a lot harder time with it. I told him that we couldn't use their service if they couldn't get this working.

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