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Wednesday, 12 May 2004

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1344 - A media bit that didn't happen

Just got an email from Maxim Magazine, wanting to do a story on the costume. When I told them that their sister publication, Stuff Magazine, already had a story scheduled for the July 2004 issue, they had to back out. Oh well.

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I had read of your costume and thought it was great. But I am shocked over all the public reation?? I used to live in Austin Tx and every halloween people go all out. I have seen some Amazing costumes ,and you never see pics of them anywhere.. So is it the costume that they like? or are you setting yourself up to be the next geek(I mean that in a good way) for awful people to joke? kind of reminds me of the Star wars boy. Either way you are getting that 15 minutes of fame which is cool..
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Read further down my LJ...this saga has been going on for a month now. I posted the first story to Slashdot, and the kiddies there and on Fark took it the rest of the way.
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Oh I know, I have read it all. I surf around on the computer a lot.. Its a real bad habit..
I was made aware of your story at first from a site called B3ta. Then I was looking up stuff about a friend of mine and came across someones page who had written about my friend, and then this person also spoke of you and listed your live journal site and since I have a journal I looked up yours and read it,.
Like I said I am Impressed. Through out the years I have been able to see a ton of neat people and the silly things they do thanks to the computer, last night I read all about a guy who dug a hole in his yard.. (A big hole)
Weirder yet,, I was surprised your into Ham radios. I always refer to them as the first chat lines.Which I can honestly say I never have been part of a chat line. I guess cos you never get call sign cards in the mail..

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