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One faire photographer thinks of retiring

I've shot a few thousand images at faires here and there over the past couple of years with my trusty Olympus E-10. I'm seriously considering giving it up, though.

It seems that a couple of idiot photographers have managed to piss off many of the hardcore faire community - specifically, the female contingent - by posting pictures of women in period clothing to a porn/fetish site. In particular, they took advantage of the fact that, for many faire women, "period clothing" includes tightly laced bodices designed to maximize the cleavage.

The backlash to this act of exploitation looks like it's going to catch me square in the viewfinder: the women who have been discussing this on the web boards are saying that they'll never trust anyone with a camera again. My E-10 is blindingly obvious as a camera (it's the previous version of the Olympus E-20N, and looks the same), and I expect instant hostility walking around faire grounds with it.

It's not worth it. At least for the first couple of faires this year, the camera stays home.

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