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Money money money

I got a check today for my first appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Not a whole pile of bucks, but not chump change, either. (It might be for a star, but not for me.) I'm expecting another check this time next week, and it'll be for a little more money - I was listed as a panel guest for the first show, and a principal performer for the second. (Dunno what the difference is, but it's about a 30% raise.)

The real hit will be when I get a bill for the AFTRA initiation fee, though; it'll probably wipe out my earnings to date.

Update: They won't send me a bill. If I do more than a specific number of appearances in a certain length of time (the talent coordinator said she thought it was 3 in a month, but she wasn't sure), then I'll have to agree to send future pay to AFTRA until the initiation fee is paid. I get to keep the money I've already received.

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