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Sunday, 23 May 2004

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2118 - A media bit I hadn't heard about

There was a bit about me on the NPR program The Works on Tuesday, 4 May. It's quite even-handed, and examines the fallout as well as the costume itself. If you can play RealAudio, you can listen to the show via a link from this page; the bit about me starts at 14:06 into the program, and runs almost exactly 4 minutes.

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Had to get hubby to use his computer - mine seems to hate me lately... BUT finally got to listen to this - I thought it was great... we only listened to the stuff on you... but later we want to go back hear the whole thing. I really liked some of the guys comments and was amused that one of them (like me... at least until a little bit ago) did know who Jimmy Kimmel was! ROCK ON and make sure you get every last second of those 15 minutes!
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everyone i see the tron pictures i crack up, i love you, man.

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