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Saturday, 29 May 2004

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0551 - *yawn*

3:30 AM wakeup calls, even after getting to bed by 10, suck.

The car will come get me and take me to the airport in about 39 minutes. Then it's back to Des Moines for the faire...that is, if I get there in time to do anything good, and decide not to simply bag it and go to bed instead. Yesterday was a LONG day; I'll post about it when I'm not on a schedule.

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I was flipping through channels last night before bed, and during a commercial for H.R. Puffinstuff, I happened across a radical man wearing a Tron costume, talking to some urban youth.

So funny. Stringbean was the man of the hour. Dare I say he might have stolen the show. That wins an award for one of the most surreal things I have ever seen.

Your costume is amazing. The lights look great, and I am happy and surprised that it is still staying clean and presentable, as busy as you are.

You should consider appearances at anime conventions and possibly comicon, (more in California).

Keep up the good work!
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It might get even more surreal...I saw him talking to the producer after the show about sending in a tape...

The costume takes some maintenance. I hand-wash the unitard in Woolite and hang dry; the el-wire tends to come unglued if handled wrong, especially on the Frisbee; and I need to repaint the shoes, at least around the soles (the paint didn't stick well to the shiny rubber).

I'll be at CONvergence in Minneapolis the weekend of July 4, and Linucon in Austin the weekend of October 9. Beyond that, I have nothing planned, but that's subject to change.

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