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Thursday, 17 October 2002

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1112 - Finally, a clue!

I just got a call from Bevcomm's senior network engineer. He said that they've been trying to get Onvoy to do something for almost a year. We came to an understanding: he'd keep trying to get Onvoy to do things right, which is all I can ask for.

I told him I'd opened a ticket at Onvoy, and gave him the ticket number.

While we were having that discussion, I got an email reply from Onvoy: they've added the necessary DNS delegation records, and they should take effect this afternoon. Whee!

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So is this something they should have been doing all along for years but never did until you called?
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Yup. (Well, for the year or so since Bevcomm got that IP address block from Onvoy, anyway.)
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Squeaky wheel, can of WD-40...can of WD-40, squeaky wheel. Have you two met?

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