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Money meme

Via bronxelf_ag001, somewhat delayed:

If you had all the money in the world:

1) What would be the first three places you'd visit and why?
The Smithsonian Institution, the US Air Force Museum at Wright-Patterson AFB, and the Computer History Museum. All three are aviation/computer geek heaven.

2) What would be the first change you'd make in your own life?
Pay off debt, then buy a nice airplane. Probably an AGAC AG-5B Tiger, fully loaded.

3) What would be the first change you'd make in someone else's life?
Pay off all debt for my and Paul's immediate family, should they choose.

4) So you've decided to become a lifelong student - what sort of courses would you take?
Not a chance. No way in hell. I'm emphatically NOT the student type. I've got a low tolerance for bullshit, and institutes of higher education are bullshit generators.

5) Where would you make your second home?
Fairmont. My first home would be a custom house on a little piece of land I own in a subdivision in the middle of nowhere, 30 miles outside of Bryan, Texas. It's even rural enough for Paul.

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