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Monday, 14 June 2004

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1142 - Whole lotta drivin' going on

I'm going to be running around a lot the end of this week:
Thursday - Drive to Minneapolis. Give a deposition in the ongoing patent lawsuit. Drive home.
Friday - Drive to Rochester. See a pulmonary specialist at the Mayo Clinic about this %^@$%^#%^ cough. Drive to Minneapolis. Spend the night there.
Saturday - Drive across Minneapolis to the King's Island Renaissance Faire. Spend a couple of hours there. Drive to the Minneapolis airport. Fly to Newark. Drive to Scranton. Check into the hotel. Change out of garb, if I haven't already. Drive to the customer's site. By now, it's 1 AM. Support a customer's migration plans. Go back to the hotel after the change window ends at 3 AM. Crater.
Sunday - Recover.
Monday - Drive back to Newark. Fly to Minneapolis. Drive home. Collapse.

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