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Monday, 21 October 2002

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0915 - Catching up

vakkotaur and I went to a little town a ways east of Council Bluffs, Iowa this past weekend to attend the Nishna River Renaissance Faire. We had lots of fun, though it was cold Saturday. Cold cold cold. I would up wearing Paul's heavy lined wool cloak to stay something approaching warm. Sunday was warmer, thankfully.

We had no net access from there, though. Even though my travel ISP,, has an access number not very far from there, in Atlantic, Iowa, it wasn't a local call from our hotel in Walnut. Argh. Withdrawal city.

When i got home, I would up fighting the iMac for an hour or so, trying to get it to come up, run normally, and recognize my two external FireWire disk drives. Finally gave up and went to bed. Got up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, tried it again, and it came up and ran. I need to study how OS X does drive mounts a bit more thoroughly; I think that's where the problem was.

I just got through reading my friends' LJ entries from the weekend, and left comments on yakko and darksasami's entries. Yes, being diabetic sucks, but it can be dealt with.

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