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Long Saturday

As I thought, Saturday turned into a very, very long day.

I woke up about 6, after not sleeping well. Spent a while on the net, then got breakfast - and the hotel restaurant took forever to do things, which meant that not only did my order take forever to arrive, but they didn't get the check into their system before I checked out. I'm expecting to get a bill in the mail.

I went to the King's Island Renaissance Faire. The crappy web page is fitting, as the faire is nothing to write home about. It was housed in a softball diamond, and didn't even fill that up. I got there right at 10, and had seen everything there was to see by 11 - and that was after seeing a Minstrosity show. There weren't 30 patrons there when I looked right before leaving at noon, and more than half of the ones who were there were in garb.

I drove to the airport, and flew to Newark via Atlanta. The flight to Atlanta was on Northwest, and the flight to Newark was on Delta. Not a big deal, usually, except that the inter-terminal train was out of service, which meant a mile or so walk to get from Terminal D to Terminal B. I did manage to spend a few minutes in the Delta Crown Room before heading for the flight.

I did indeed make the trip in garb. I got only one comment at MSP, from the TSA screener who wanted to know what character I was. All of the stewardesses on the Delta flight stopped to talk for a moment, though...they all liked the outfit. When I got to Newark, I had to wait a longer than average time for Delta to get my luggage to me, and by the time I hit the road, it was 11 PM. I had to stop on the way to zip through a Wendy's for a hamburger, and by the time I got to Scranton, it was past the 1 AM scheduled start time. I went straight to the customer's site, still in garb. We got things settled enough for the customer to be happy (they're still not completely fixed, though). I got to bed about 5 AM Eastern.

All I did Sunday was sleep, aside from one short trip to the grocery store and some time online. I felt reasonably human again Monday morning. On the drive to Newark, though, my plans got changed: I'm spending the night tonight in Minneapolis, and meeting with the lawyer tomorrow before finally going home. There's a check waiting for me, at least, in Minneapolis, so it's not all bad, and the extra day of income will be definitely welcome.

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