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Another trip to Tinseltown

Yes, I'm going back out to LA to do another segment for Jimmy Kimmel Live. This will be the first one that's not done live while the show is being taped[1]: we'll tape it at an event on Saturday. The current plan is to air it on Tuesday evening, and there's a good chance I'll be hanging around in LA to introduce it live, although that decision won't be made till sometime Monday. I definitely won't be leaving till Tuesday morning at the earliest.

I'll be flying out tomorrow, and since I've never seen the show except on TV, I'll be in the audience tomorrow night to correct that deficiency. It promises to be an interesting time.

[1] Yes, that sounds funny, but it's as close to accurate as I can get it. The Kimmel show isn't broadcast live. I doubt any TV show will ever be broadcast live again, in the wake of the Super Bowl halftime show and the indecency crackdown that followed. The show is taped an hour before it's broadcast in the Eastern and Central time zones, and it's taped in one hour - no second takes, they do commercial breaks during taping just as long as the breaks are in the broadcast, that sort of thing. It's as close to live as anyone will ever come again.

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