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Monday, 21 October 2002

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1902 - Selecting a candidate

Minnesota Public Radio has put up a page where you can pick between the candidates' stands on issues, and it will rate how close each candidate is to your selections. Unfortunately, it wasn't a lot of help: it rated Pawlenty (the Republican) at 57%, Moe (the Democrat) at 50%, and Penny and Pentel (Independence and Green, respectively) at 42%.

It did break the candidates down by issue, and Pawlenty was closest to me on the issues I care about most. This is not a surprise. I'm still stuck between choosing to vote for Pawlenty and Penny: Pawlenty represents my views more closely, but will his campaign implode because of the ruling that drastically cut his spending power? Is he electable? If not, and I vote for him anyway, will that throw the election from Penny (who I can tolerate) to Moe (who I can't)?

Argh. I probably won't make a decision until election day.

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