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I need a small digital camera.

The Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel is a historic place. Built in 1927, it's been home to the Oscar presentations and the This Is Your Life TV series. It's a nice place to stay. This time, I'm in a nicer room than I was the last couple of times I was here.

The design of the rooms is a bit discordant, though: the fixtures and furniture are appropriate for the 1927 feel they want to project, but the room itself is much more modern, and it clashes a bit.

I want to take some pictures to show bronxelf_ag001. Unfortunately, my camera is back in Fairmont; I don't usually take it on trips. It's a great camera, and I like it quite a lot - but its size makes traveling with it inconvenient.

This illustrates an old photographer's adage: The best camera made isn't worth a damn if you don't have it with you. I need to get something small and pocketable, yet good enough that working with it won't be an irritant. Maybe I can accomplish that today or tomorrow, while I'd otherwise be sitting around doing nothing.

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