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Another day of work

Yesterday was supposed to be another day of taping for a segment to be broadcast later. That's the way it turned out, but not the way it was originally planned...

The original plan was to do a piece at the Pillsbury Bake-Off, which is holding its final competition at a hotel just a block from the Kimmel studio. It had supposedly been all arranged. When we got there, though, they told the producer that they'd left a message with a different producer Friday that they had no room for us. I found out later that the message had been left at 5 AM Saturday.

So, we were left without a bit to do. We retreated to the Jimmy Kimmel Live offices above the El Capitan, and the writers and producers went off to try to organize something else to do. I sat around drinking coffee and talking to the production assistants, and eventually got sent back to the hotel. I had breakfast there.

I got a call an hour or so later telling me what they'd come up with. An hour after that, I went back to the studio, climbed in a van, and went to a nearby movie theater, where we spoke to folks coming to see Fahrenheit 9/11. It was an interesting time, and I'm getting more comfortable - which, I hope, means that I'm getting better at - talking to people and doing what the directors and writers want. They all say the right things, and maybe it's working.

We shot one bit back at the studio to finish up the piece, and then I was done, about 3:30. The editing suite was completely occupied with the story they did showing Clay Aiken beating Jimmy up for all of the jokes he's made at Clay's expense over the past year. The director said he'd try to get my piece edited today; they'd like to show it tonight.

I went back to the hotel and did not much for a while, then back to the studio to watch the show from the green room. For those familiar with the term, that's where the guests hang out before going on stage - although it's evolved, at least in Kimmel's case, into a place for people associated with the show and their guests to hang out. Everyone with the show knew me, and they all said they think my bits are funny, so I'm happy. One guy spent a few minutes telling me how much Jimmy likes them, too.

No, I didn't meet Clay Aiken.

While there, I signed paperwork, including an agreement to send my pay to AFTRA until the initiation fee and dues are paid. That will wipe out the paycheck for this trip unless I do another day's work. If I appear on the show in person tonight, that'll take care of that, and that's still possible, but I won't know till later today. In the meantime, I plan to relax and not do much of anything. I do have a standing invitation to the green room, and plan to go there whenever I'm in town and don't have anything better to do of an evening.

The show is on hiatus ("vacation" to us mere mortals) next week, and the pit bull segment probably won't air till the following week...but they said that it may well air then, because it'll be ready to go, which they like to have coming off hiatus. I'll post when I know the date.

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