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Musicians I've never heard of

One side effect of spending a week with Jimmy Kimmel Live is that I've been exposed to a fair amount of music from artists I've never heard of. My musical tastes aren't that broad. I fit into the category that current radio programmers call "classic rock" - broadly, rock in the style prevalent from 1968 or so through 1985 or so: guitar-driven, with optional other stuff ranging from synthesizer to brass to full-on orchestra, and a strong beat led by drums; lyrics at least somewhat intelligible, even if nonsensical.

In the last week, Jimmy has had as musical guests (and, thus, I've heard), rappers Kanye West and Lloyd Banks, pop singer Clay Aiken (who's the only one of all of these I've even heard of), sorta-country (or soft rock; the line between the two blurs more with every passing year), singer Uncle Kracker, and, tonight, soft rock (or sorta-country) singer Lloyd Cole.

I rather liked Aiken. He didn't mangle the one song he did that I'd heard before, Kyrie (originally done by Mr. Mister). Uncle Kracker was pretty good, too. West and Banks confirmed for me that I'm not a fan of rap.

I just downloaded a player with several songs from Cole's web site (warning: heavy Flash, but supposedly navigable without it). Not bad stuff, but I won't be going out of my way to buy the albums.

Guess my musical tastes aren't very elastic, either.

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