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Friday, 2 July 2004

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1043 - I de-rezzed Michael Moore

The segment we shot Monday did indeed air last night. It turned out very well indeed, and I'm quite happy with it.

I was outside the Majestic Crest Theater in Westwood. We did what's becoming my standard thing, talking to people about something (in this case, Michael Moore's latest bit of propaganda, Fahrenheit 9/11) and turning the conversation to TRON. The people who were there to see the movie were either amused, or irritated, by that, but it made for some good comedy.

The best part was one guy, who got me started on Moore. We had a frank exchange of views. The director saw that, and had an inspiration: a dream sequence. They had a chromakey setup handy for shooting the fight scene between Kimmel and Aiken that aired Monday night, so we used it to shoot a scene where I got to throw my Frisbee - hard - at a picture of Moore superimposed on Sark, the bad guy from TRON, and de-rez him. It *really* turned out well. My only regret is that a framegrab from that scene, suitably cropped, is low enough resolution that it makes for a lousy 8x10; if it didn't, it'd become my headshot.

The segment is 4:21 long, and quite funny. Jimmy loved it, as did the guest who was on while we were running it, Fred Willard. (Willard took the time to tell me how funny he thought it was. Nice guy.)

I'm just happy I got to say my piece about Moore on national TV. I'm planning on sending a tape to Representative Mark Kennedy (R-MN), the Congressman whose reply he cut because it didn't fit his agenda - and who represented Fairmont until redistricting before the 2002 elections.

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Loved it!

That was well worth staying up for. The one stray hesitant clap at the de-rez scene sort of indicated the studio audience's leanings. (Sigh.) Nevertheless, it did my heart good to see it—anyone as uncontaminated by intellectual or ethical integrity as Moore deserves to be mocked as often as possible.
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I have got to see this!! Someone please tell me how to find this show??

Paul told me all about how you got involved in it, that yes, they are nice to you, and its very funny! I can't wait to see it!!
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Is there a copy of the clip on a website anywhere that we could look at? Would love to see it!
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Damn! I totally forgot to watch or tape it.

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