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A short Sunday

Sunday wasn't bad, but we didn't stay too long, either.

We got up about 8:30. Usual morning routine: shower, email, LJ. I went out to the car to get my con badge, then changed into the TRON costume and walked around a while to give folks another look. (I'd been mildly chided for not sticking around after the masquerade.) I got lots of "cool!"s. David Gerrold liked it, too. I didn't go to any panels, as I couldn't get to the ones I wanted in time to actually enjoy any of them - and I also didn't want to distract anyone.

We spent some time with Diana again, and some time in the con suite (I convinced Paul to help out with the food, mainly so I could get some). I did stop in at one room party that was still open, and was somewhat TRON-themed; the organizer and I talked aobut making costumes from the movie. He'd done some stuff I hadn't, and he wanted to know the details of mine.

By this time, the helmet battery had gone flat. I went back to the room, changed into normal clothes, and wandered around a while. I soon ran out of things to do, and was more interested in spending some time at home than I was in sticking around for the closing ceremonies, so we said goodbye to Diana, checked out, and hit the road. Two hours later, we were home. I unpacked quickly and took a much-needed nap in my own bed.

Overall impressions: I'm sure it's fun for most of the folks there, who have been going to cons (CONvergence, and before that Minicon) at that hotel for 20 years. I never really felt like I was connecting, though. It was just too big. I don't think I'll go back next year, unless something changes my mind - and that will mainly take finding someone to help me find ways to get connected, not just by going, but with the people there so I'll feel less like an interloper.

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