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One bit of Moore's mendacity: the full story

I've commented before, both on this journal and on TV, about Michael Moore's creative editing for Fahrenheit 9/11 and its trailer when it comes to Representative Mark Kennedy's appearance. An article in today's Minneapolis Star-Tribune - itself no friend of Kennedy - lays out the whole story.

Here's how the interview went, according to an official transcript released by the producers:

Kennedy: How are you doing?"

Moore: I'm trying to get members of Congress to get their kids to enlist in the Army and go over to Iraq. Is there any way you could help me with that?

Kennedy: How would I help you?

Moore (handing Kennedy a pamphlet): Pass it out to other members of Congress.

Kennedy: I'd be happy to, especially those who voted for the war. I have a nephew on his way to Afghanistan.

Moore: Because there is only one member who has a kid over there in Iraq. This is Corporal Henderson; he is helping me out here.

Kennedy: How are you? Good to see you.

Moore: There it is; it's just a basic recruitment thing. Encourage especially those who were in favor of the war to send their kids. I appreciate it.

Kennedy: OK, bye

Moore's reply to the Star-Tribune was, when they asked him if he could be fairly accused of censorship, that Kennedy didn't answer the question. From their own transcript, it sure looked to me like he did. No, it's just that Kennedy's answer didn't fit Moore's agenda, so he cut it out - and left the question, making it look like Kennedy didn't answer. When Kennedy called him on it, Moore simply removed the whole scene. Normally, when the trailer shows something that's not in the movie, people complain about getting misled, but not so in this case.

To make matters worse, Moore is now creating more dialogue that neither his official transcript not Kennedy say ever happened when he's questioned about the whole thing.

Come on, Moore. Admit it. You lied.

Oh, wait. He can't. To do so would be to admit that he's no better than those he excoriates. He can't have that. He's the great crusading filmmaker, out to show the world the error of its ways in supporting conservative politicians and causes.

Pfaugh. I guess he holds no truck with ideas like "intellectual honesty".
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