The cult of Turn Off Your Computer must die! - Jay Maynard

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Wednesday, 14 July 2004

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1947 - The cult of Turn Off Your Computer must die!

Those who think that mocking and trolling is appropriate, and that those who take their online lives seriously need to turn off their computer and go outside, should read this essay by Curt Cloninger. I doubt it'll make much of a difference to them, but Cloninger says what I've been trying to say much better than I've been able to say it.

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Well written.

Unfortunately for those of us who make an effort to socialize online, mockery and trolling is going to be an omnipresent part of the experience. They're no less childish than they would be in real life, but in my experience, plonking a given troll or mocker(?) after I've said my piece usually mitigates the problem. I couldn't care less if someone thinks I've taken something "too" seriously; if I have an issue with it, I say so.

If they think the internet and online presence is "just a game," they can be shown respect-free treatment. *shrug* Then again, I don't waste too much time on them once they've achieved moron status in my mind.
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That article WAS well written, and I agree pretty much on all counts. Not only do I spend a lot of time online, my "persona" there (well... HERE) is ME. No acting, no pseudonyms, and no mask to hide behind other than the asynchronicity of keyboard communication. Granted, my avatar isn't a photograph, but it's a picture I DREW.

That's pretty much as real as it gets around here.

(no, I'm not slamming your avatars)

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Re: Indeed!

Yes, it is as real as it gets. Your avatar is a good enough picture that anyone familiar with it will recognize you in person instantly. (They might be disappointed that your real glasses aren't quite as cool as the ones in the drawing, though.) For my money, that's as good as a photograph.

I do roleplay online, on one IRC channel. My two default avatars, as well as a few others I don't use much, come from that. My creativity lets itself out in other directions, some not available to the average person. Even so, outside of that one channel, what I do online is me, with no acting and no pseudonyms.
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