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One conservative who doesn't like the Family Marriage Amendment

My long-time LJ stalker (yes, youngvanwinkle, this means you) posted,

I know there's a good chunk of conservatives out there that don't support this kind of thing. I just wish they'd actually open their mouths and criticize their party for it, the way they're so gleeful to criticize the Democrats for the things they do that they're opposed to...

Guess what? I don't support this kind of thing. I think amending the Constitution to take away people's rights is the worst thing that we as a nation can do to it.

Not only that, I believe that marriage needs to be separated into two parts: civil, which should be open to any two people willing to enter a committed, monogamous relationship, and religious, with whatever the religion in question requires and permits. The current state of affairs amounts to nothing less than religious imposition of their values on American society, including those who do not share those values.

Yes, I am a Republican. I think my party's wrong on this, insofar as it actually as a party supports this kind of thing. I will not, however, change my party affiliation: there's far more of the Democrats' agenda that I disagree with, and more strongly, and even if they were to take power (an event I think would be a serious setback for this country), the state of marriage would not advance in any significant amount in the direction I think it should go.

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