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Note to self: plug the right cord in

I'm up at this less-than-optimal hour after dealing with a power outage. The power was out for about 10 to 15 minutes, near as I can tell. I woke up to the sound of multiple UPSes beeping. I discovered that the 1500 VA UPS in the machine room will run the Alphaserver 4000 for about 10 minutes, I think, before deciding it's had enough. Fortunately, I was able to get the system shut down cleanly before the UPS packed it in.

We've got four UPSes in the house: one in the machine room, as mentioned; one 350 VA unit in the attic, to power a single Ethernet switch for the upstairs backbone; one 500 VA (I think) in the office, to power Paul's Linux box (and I need one for the Mac); and one 500 VA unit in the basement, to power the other backbone Ethernet switch, the DSL modem, the voice-over-IP telephone adapter, and the firewall.

Unfortunately, all of that was less useful, this time around, than I'd intended. We use two low-end PCs for the firewall, alternating between them as software upgrades and the like happen. One of them had failed while I was in LA last, and the other was brought into service. Only one problem: Neither of us thought to plug that box into the UPS. We had a running network that couldn't communicate with the outside world because the firewall was down. Grumble.

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