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Monday, 23 September 2002

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1518 - spam, not SPAM

Been talking to the cable internet sales folks all day. I'm having a hard time getting across to them the concept of a blocklist, and why I want to make sure the static IP address I get assigned won't appear on one or more. I finally educated the salesdroid enough to convince him that 1) no, I'm not a spammer, and 2) I know the issues and have good reason for wanting to know the IP address range they allocate from so I can check to make sure it's not blocked somewhere. After all, paying $140/month for two years for an address that I can't get good use out of is not on the agenda.

Also called my current DSL provider. No, they still don't offer static IP addresses for residential customers, though it's coming "real soon now". Yeah, and it has been since January.

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