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A long, sucky day of travel

Today sucked.

First, I got selected for special security screening at the airport. They damn near strip-searched me. Next time, I'm traveling in T-shirt and tights, and anyone who complains will get told exactly why.

The only US Bank ATM inside the secured area on the same end of the airport as the departure gate was locked up hard. No error message, just a prompt for language selection and no response to anything. At least US Bank gave me a $5 credit for reporting it.

Then I got to Midway. Midway sucks, in and of itself, because there is no place to sit down and get online, away from screaming kids and the rest of the madding crowd. To make matters worse, when I checked the departure board, I found the flight was delayed 40 minutes.

We actually boarded 45 minutes after the scheduled boarding time. Then we sat. We sat long enough that, when they finally called for pushback, they were told that we could push, but we were going to wait due to weather. For 90 minutes. So we taxied out to a runway that wasn't in use and sat and waited.

Finally, we taxied to the runway. The flight before us left. Then we sat...until the pilot came on and said they'd stopped all departures to the east again. We got to sit just short of the runway for another 30 minutes. We got out of there 3 hours after scheduled departure time.

The flight itself was uneventful. I got my luggage okkay, and then got to stand in line for 20 minutes while the lone person at the LaGuardia ground transportation counter dealt with two folks ahead of me. The SuperShuttle driver came quickly, and then proceeded to take on one person too many at the next terminal after making us wait 15 minutes there.

The hotel didn't have a room ready when I finally arrived about 9:45 PM. They had to clean one. I also found out while I was sitting at MDW that I was going to stay an extra day and go to Scranton for some debugging, so I asked about an extension - and found out they're all sold out Saturday, so I get to switch hotels. I got a room at the W New York, whee. (Believe it or not, that was the cheapest thing Hotwire came up with at this late date.) Renting a car is easy; getting it in and out of Manhattan is hard. Haven't dealt with changing the flight home yet, but I suspect it'll be cheaper to simply buy a fresh one-way ticket. I'll do that tomorrow.

I did have a nice dinner at the Manhattan Chili Company. Their Texas Chain Gang chili is advertised as "hot hot", and merits that rating to my Texas-calibrated taste buds. Yummy good stuff.

I'm off to bed in my standard Manhattan broom closet of a hotel room...

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