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New York trip notes

It's been a fun weekend, and today promises to suck.

I did the job I originally came to NYC to do Friday morning. 45 minutes saw it all the way through. Unfortunately, I got to NYC without an umbrella, and that proved to be a mistake: it rained all day, starting while I was on the subway downtown and not letting up the rest of the day. That made walking around Manhattan a wet experience. I used the suitcase with the TRON costume in it as a makeshift umbrella, and was pleasantly surprised to discover that the contents stayed almost completely dry.

After the system work, I went up to bronxelf_ag001's apartment in, you guessed it, the Bronx. I showed her and her husband Mike the costume, and they took several neat pictures. We talked about techniques, and lots of other stuff, for a while.

I needed to go to LaGuardia to change my ticket, as noted before. That was a whole lot of hassle for no result: the fare was cheaper as a new ticket. I got back to my hotel, then downtown, just in time.

Along with bronxelf_ag001, a bunch of folks got together at The Cutting Room to hear Chris Orbach play. I'd heard some of his stuff, and had pigeonholed him as a soft rocker. That turned out to be wrong: his range is broader than that, and quite enjoyable. I bought his CD.

We went to a restaurant called Vela after the concert. It wasn't bad, although I don't think it was worth the money. That's partially a function of being in Manhattan and partially a function of not knowing if it wanted to be a restaurant or a club. The food was okkay, though I stuck to a steak. (It's a Japanese/Brazilian place. Those of you who actually like sushi may now feel free to accuse me of chickening out.)

Back uptown by car to bronxelf_ag001's place to pick up the costume, which I'd left there while going to LGA, then to the hotel. 2:30 AM. *yawn* To bed.

I got up late Saturday morning, and didn't do much of anything until checking out of the hotel and picking up the rent car at 12:30. That turned into a big deal, as the Avis counter was understaffed. To make matters worse, one of the porters kept spinning cars' tires as he was moving them around the garage with people present. I finally complained at him (and was blown off), then the manager, then Avis customer service. Don't blow me off when I talk about safety, people.

Three hours later, I was in Scranton. I stopped a few times, for lunch and scenic overlooks, and so on, and was still there 30 minutes early. There's a significant gap in radio coverage between NYC and Scranton, which Chris Orbach's CD filled nicely. I wound up listening to it 4 times, once each way each trip.

I collected as much information as possible, then headed back about 9 PM. That put me back at the Avis place right after 11, and at the W (new hotel) right about midnight. To bed.

Sunday morning I spent online until tetsuo2 came down. We got some pictures of me in the costume, with and without him; he's posted one in this LJ entry. I gave him a quick course in using his brother's camera, since it was an Olympus and I'm fairly familiar with the way they think. I changed into regular clothes and we spent the next few hours walking around Soho. Interesting stuff. I finished up with a couple of hot dogs at Gray's Papaya, then headed back to the hotel.

Another Avis rent car, and another trip to Scranton. Due to a miscommunication, I wound up not getting in the building until an hour and a half after the scheduled start time, and the security guard was the one who escorted me in. The fix I was there to try wasn't a fix, but I did collect some more information before giving up and going home. This time, dinner was at a Bennigan's with screaming toddlers at three nearby tables and service sufficiently slow that my steak was lukewarm at best.

Back to Manhattan in the car. Chris's CD was getting really familiar by now. To bed about midnight.

This morning, I got up, had a leisurely breakfast at a nearby deli, then back to pack. The Super Shuttle driver was early, so I got to the airport about 11 AM. Got checked in, got my seat changed to a window, then discovered I'm due for another strip-search. My flight boards at 4 PM; I'm going to change into the unitard before heading for security, and explain to them what happened the last time I was selected. I'll change back past the security checkpoint before going to the gate.

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