There's snow on the ground. - Jay Maynard

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Thursday, 24 October 2002

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1107 - There's snow on the ground.

Not only did it snow overnight, but there's snow on the ground even now. It's barely above freezing according to the thermometer outside my office. Yuck.

Two guys accused of being the snipers in DC have been arrested. If they are, then the killings will stop, and maybe we can get away from the hysteria all this has caused.

There's a squirrel in the garage attic. I've got to figure out some way to block off the hole he's using to get in and out. It's a little hole, just at the corner of the eave. If I can get down to it from the attic, it might not be too hard...

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There's snow on the ground... but is there snow on the road?

It was quite... interesting... driving on Fairmont's roads when I was there over New Year's a few years ago.
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There wasn't an accumulation of snow on the roads, but there was that "interesting" layer of ice. Melted off by noon, but did affect the morning drive.

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