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Tuesday, 27 July 2004

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1551 - Going through security a bit differently

As noted in a previous entry, I did indeed go through security at LaGuardia yesterday in the unitard. I changed into it in the Presidents' Club, and talked to the desk clerk there briefly before going out. She thought it was a neat costume, even though the unitard was all I had on.

I got a few looks as I was walking through the airport, but I didn't notice many of them since I was concentrating on getting through. I didn't have to take my shoes off, for once, which was unusual at a New York airport. The TSA folks didn't say anything when I told them what was going on, but a bystander stopped to look at me while I had my arms out getting wanded. She laughed when I explained that I was just helping them with their invasive search by making obvious that I'm not hiding anything, and told me she thought I looked cool.

The TSA types did go through all of my luggage, and one guy got a little irritated when I explained that I was going to have to completely repack the suitcase with the costume pieces in it - but they let me do it. I changed back in a bathroom on the far side of the checkpoint.

I'm not going to wear the unitard again while traveling, but I will probably wear tights for the next couple of trips as a form of protest.

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