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More travels

I've been traveling a bunch lately. Between trips for Global Maintech and trips for Jimmy Kimmel Live, I've been gone as much as, or more than, I've been home. It looks like it won't get any better any time soon.

I'm driving to Austin (the one in Texas, not the one in Minnesota) next week. I'll be leaving Tuesday, and will take two days to get to Houston. I'll pick up a pair of speakers from my parents' storage facility that are too big to ship (Polk Audio SDA-2s, yum), then drive to Austin, arriving sometime Thursday afternoon. I'll be there through Sunday, then drive back, arriving late Tuesday night.

I'm going to NYC the following week to give two presentations at SHARE on Hercules. I'll be leaving Monday, and returning the following Saturday; bronxelf_ag001 is nice enough to put me up at her place. The talks are on Tuesday and Friday, and I may find something paying to do in the intervening couple of days.

I'd planned to stay home between those two trips. Money talks, however: I'll be making a fast trip to Dallas the Thursday after I get back from Austin. The flight leaves very early, which means that I'll drive up Wednesday evening and spend the night there. Whee. I'm going to be exhausted when I get back from that trip.

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