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Yes, one can be a parliamentary geek. I think I qualify. I read the full text of Robert's Rules of Order Newly Revised about every 3 years to keep the knowledge refreshed. This comes out of my experiences in ham radio, where being able to keep a meeting on track and not allow it to be taken over improperly is a Good Thing.

I just finished going through the refresh, this time with the 10th edition of the manual. Once I did that, I went through the 300-question study exam for the National Association of Parliamentarians entrance test. The actual test is 100 of those questions selected at random, and a passing grade is 70. I missed 11 of the 300, most on detailed definitions of terms. Even so, I'm going to go back and make sure I understand what I missed.

I plan to join NAP and pursue certification as a Registered Parliamentarian, and eventually Professional Registered Parliamentarian. I don't expect that that will turn into anything but yet another set of letters I can hang on the end of my name if I feel like being formal, but it's a geek thing.

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