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Thursday, 24 October 2002

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1426 - Credit cards suck.

One of my credit cards was recently transferred to another company for servicing. I got the statement in the mail today, and found that the interest rate had gone up 6% higher than it already was. I called, and the only answer I could get out of them was "That's the rate we're offering." They would not answer why the rate went up. The front-line customer service person wouldn't transfer me to his supervisor. The rate went up without any opportunity for me to cancel the card and keep the old rate.

Between this, and the fact that they don't offer online servicing, that card is history. I'm also filing a complaint with the Minnesota Attorney General's office, although the guy I spoke to on the phone said there may not be much they can do.

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Holy hell!

Great god in a bottle! What did you do to deserve that?

I've still got a card that's like 15%, tho I've spent the past 10yr building a solid credit history. Small wonder why it's gone unused. :o)
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Re: Holy hell!

Hell, if I knew what I did to deserve it, I'd at least be a bit happier. As it stands, I've got no idea at all what I did.

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