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Long drive, part 1

I didn't sleep well last night, although I did manage to get some sleep in (unlike the Penguicon trip). Of course, that meant I got up early and hit the road early. I was on the road by 7:30, and in my hotel room in Wichita right before 5 PM. Not bad for just under 600 miles. I spent the whole trip locked on cruise at 70, plus or minus construction zones and a lunch/gas stop in Lamoina, Iowa (just north of the Missouri border).

I took a page from vakkotaur's book, sort of: I have a half-gallon Coleman jug which I filled halfway with ice, then all the way with water before leaving. I sipped at that all day, and it does seem that hydration makes long drives much more tolerable.

I'm going to get on the road about the same time, or maybe a little later, tomorrow. I'll be passing through Oklahoma City and Dallas in between rush hours that way, which is a Good Thing. I'll probably get to the hotel in Houston about 6 PM, and don't plan to do much of anything there that evening, as I'll probably be thoroughly wasted.

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