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We managed it, amazingly

The meeting went better than expected. We had only two hours to do it in, and needed three. That meant that we rushed through a lot of stuff, but it all got handled.

One faction tried several times to use language impermissible in debate to attack others. I believe that, had I not been there, the meeting would have devolved into chaos, if not an outright riot. The president was simply too much a nice guy to have effectively controlled things.

That was a lot of work, but ultimately worth it.

There was a party at the house I'm staying at last night. Quite enjoyable. I modeled the TRON costume for the people there, and got universally good comments on it. The tapes of my Jimmy Kimmel Live appearances got good laughs as well, especially when I de-rezzed Michael Moore.

My plans got changed a bit: I'm flying out to LA this evening instead of early Tuesday morning. I'm still scheduled to appear on the show Tuesday night. They want another day of shooting stuff. I'm not arguing. It does mean that I can't socialize much today, as I have to do laundry and repack the car.

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