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Sudden change in schedule

I won't be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night.
I'll be on tonight.

They'll be taping early, because the concert by Lenny Kravitz is on an outdoor stage behind the studio. They'll also be changing up the opening, and losing the bit they do before Jimmy walks into the studio. They'll be keeping the knife switch, though, and I got to talk to the producer about that: as it happens, the way they had it (with the switch flipping down to turn on) is a major violation of the National Electrical Code. A knife switch mounted vertically like that must be mounted so that you flip it up to turn on the circuit. This prevents it from falling down and energizing the circuit unintentionally, which is a Good Thing, safety-wise. The producer was interested to hear it, and said they may talk about it on the air tonight.

They'll also announce a contest involving me this evening. That promises to be <ArteJohnson>very innnnnterestink</ArteJohnson>.

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