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The long drive home was punctuated with a "holy...cow" moment...

I got back to Austin late Wednesday evening. Although I wound up not shooting anything more for Kimmel while I was there, I still left on my original flight - and it was an hour late. I got to Austin about 11:15, and didn't get on the road till 11:45. I drove up to Temple and cratered there. I had to check 4 motels to find a room, since there was a Jehovah's Witnesses convention in town.

I got about 5 hours of sleep before driving to Plano (north side of Dallas) for a meeting. It went pretty well, and I got out of there in time to get as far as Wichita that night. Another night, another hotel room; by this time, I was getting pretty tired of it.

I decided to go home a different way. I've seen I-35 through Iowa a bunch of times now, so I decided to take I-29 instead. Even though that would add an hour or so to the trip, it would be different, at least.

It was, and not just for that reason. A little ways north of Council Bluffs, I noticed I'd gotten a voicemail on my cellphone. I called the number back. It turned out that the guy is an entertainment agent. I've been working on a deal (which I should be able to talk about late next week), and I'd told the folks at Jimmy Kimmel Live about it to make sure they wouldn't have any problems with my doing it. Jimmy, personally, asked this guy to call me and take me on as a client. We talked for almost an hour. I was impressed by his experience (among other things, he was with the William Morris agency for several years), and agreed to have him represent me. I'm hoping he can get me other stuff to do beyond just having people come to me.

I got home about 8:45, and didn't do much beyond unpacking the necessities and getting the Mac back up before going to bed. I'm not going to do much this weekend, either, except for laundry and packing for the trip next week.

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