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Saturday, 14 August 2004

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0722 - TRON Guy vs. Fahrenheit 9/11 video online

Thanks to evilzug for pointing this out...

The Michael Moore-watching website Bowling for Truth has put up a small (3.4 MB) Windows Media file of my Jimmy Kimmel Live segment about Fahrenheit 9/11. The news has spread to the news portal, as well as the B3ta newsletter.

I'm more than a little surprised by this, but I'm not complaining...

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Now if only they could get you to crash a democratic fundraiser...
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Good lad!! Keep up the good work. F911 is the most distorted piece of propaganda garbage I have ever seen. Michael Moore can suck my balls. I was appalled to see him capitalise on US troops reporting they had a hard time over there. Of course they did, that happens in war and soldiers get set to them. What did they think they were going to get? Beach parties and barbeques?

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I lol'ed when you got caught looking.

Texas men, we're all the same.

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