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Giving the presentation

I got to the area of the hotel early enough this morning that I could have breakfast. The Stage Deli serves a massive, huge, humongous plate of hash (I had the pastrami hash). I ate maybe a third of it. It was yummy.

I got inside the hotel, got my presentations from the copy center, and discovered the previous session ended early. I set the laptop up, then decided to give the presentation in the TRON costume. I put the unitard on in the bathroom and my street clothes over it, then saw that there were people in the room, so I went to the next room over (which was empty) and put on the rest of it. I walked into the room, said "Greetings, programs!", and explained that, since everyone had been asking me where the costume was, I decided to oblige them.

The talk went well. As I expected, what I'd prepared slides for took about 30 minutes, and the people at the session had about 30 minutes' worth of comments and questions. I spoke to a few folks after the session ended. Finally, two other folks came up to talk. I would up talking to them for about 45 minutes. It was a good thing that the room was unused once my session was over.

When they left, I asked them to close the door. I changed back into street clothes right there, and was packing up as the A/V guys came in to tear down the setup.

Got back to bronxelf_ag001's place, and sat and talked for a while. I'll be poking around the net until sometime after 5, when we'll head downtown to meet michaelmink for dinner.

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