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Let the dates begin!

The introduction video that was supposed to run last week and didn't will run tonight, I'm told. I'll actually get to stay up and watch this one...assuming Monday Night Football doesn't screw things up again.

The first date will be this week. I'm flying to LA tomorrow morning, and will be out there all week. As always, I'll post here when I know what the scheduled air date is. They're planning one a week, or so, for the next few weeks (except for next week when they'll be on hiatus). They've got my schedule for September to plan around. I got a list of things to pick from, and sent back several of them. We'll see what gets picked.

I don't know a thing about how they pick the women I'll be going out with, nor who's been picked so far. It will come as a complete surprise to me, and that's fine with me.

I expect to meet the agent sometime while I'm out there, but we haven't spoken yet. That will be interesting all by itself.

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