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Thursday, 26 August 2004

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1523 - The first date

I spent the afternoon and evening yesterday in the company of a very pleasant lady from San Diego...and a TV production crew. An unconventional date, to be sure, but an enjoyable time. I can't talk about it much until it airs, which they tell me will be the Tuesday after Labor Day. They're planning to fly me out for that, then back in time for me to turn around and head for Austin and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema.

Only one casualty: at one point, I fell, and while I didn't hurt myself, the inverter for the helmet el-wire appears to be intermittent. I've already ordered a replacement, which should arrive early next week.

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Erm, I realise I'm thoroughly behind the times, but I was re-reading my old SFX issues the other night and through the scary world of coincidence, I scroll throuh my friendsfriends page and suddenly I spot an icon with the "Hey, that's the dude with the TRON costume!" picture on it.

Dude, cool. Much in the way of respect. I just had to drop in and say that. *salutes cheerfully*

I will stop cluttering your LJ now.
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Sounds as if You Had Fun

Sounds as if you had fun. That's great. Looking forward to the show airing.

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