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Politics on a smaller scale

I went to the Minnesota Repeater Council meeting today. The MRC is the body that does frequency coordination in the state of Minnesota (they tell hams what frequency to operate repeater stations on so they don't interfere with others). It was a long, drawn-out meeting that got acrimonious at times, but I think I made an impression on the folks there. I also volunteered for way too many committees, but don't expect that to eat up too much of my time.

At one point, the vice chairman of the organization started accusing the frequency coordinator of not doing his job impartially, and showing favoritism. I cut him off and told him that, unless he was prepared to back up his allegations, that he was out of order. He said he was, but when I challenged him to put up or shut up, he shut up.

Organizations such as this have politics that are no less passionate than those on the national scene, but they involve a lot more people overall. It's interesting to play the game; I can see why folks get involved in the political systems of our government.

I might find myself being involved more and more with the organization. That's probably not a bad thing; they could use some help.

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