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Wednesday, 1 September 2004

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0800 - Jimmy Doohan's star

As reported in the San Francisco Chronicle, Jimmy Doohan, Star Trek's Scotty, has now gotten a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It turns out it's located at 7021 Hollywood Boulevard, right across the street from the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, where I stay when I'm out in LA. There's a little cafe that I usually eat breakfast at while I'm there that's right next door to the star. I'm going to have to stop by.

Many of the Trek stars' stars are right by there: William Shatner is at 6901, in front of Mann's Chinese Theater; DeForest Kelley is right next to Doohan's; and Patrick Stewart's (interestingly, his only one so far is for live theater) is also at 7021. Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols, Gene Roddenberry, and George Takei are all a few blocks away, at 6651, 6681, 6683, and 6633. I was mildly surprised to discover that Walter Koenig doesn't have one.

I didn't know how one gets a star, but it turns out to be about as I'd expect: the person is nominated, a committee selects, and then the star is added - after the person nominating them comes up with a $15K fee. The only requirements are that the nominee must have been in the business for at least five years, and if alive, must be present at the unveiling ceremony. The latter requirement causes problems for some older nominees, and in fact Doohan's ceremony is expected to be his last public appearance, as he's fighting Alzheimer's, diabetes, and fibrosis of the lungs. I'm happy they were able to do it while he was alive.

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Koenig definitely deserves one. He is the only person in TOS who was able to create and portray a completely different character later in life (B5's Alfred Bester) that does not make one say "Hey, it's Chekhov!" Being a TOS actor who manages to escape his TOS character successfully is a testimony to his ability; so far as I know, none of the others have managed it. Even Leonard Nimoy, host "in search of" could never escape his Spockness.
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I don't know...it's arguable Shatner has managed to portray other characters. TJ Hooker wasn't Kirk, after all. The difference is that he's still associated with Kirk, while Koenig is much less so with Chekov. You're certainly correct about the other actors, though.
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I can explain the Koenig thing... the man has a long history of being a total prick to the fans. If you're an ass to the people who would be the ones nominating and fundraising for you, you're not likely to get there, y'know?

Wish I could be out there... Jimmy's a great guy, I'd like to buy him a drink again.... Sucks that he'd get Alzheimer's... so many great memories and stories to lose...

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