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A weekend away

vakkotaur and I spent the weekend at the Iowa Renaissance Festival, in Middle Amana, Iowa. We ate a lot of good German food, saw a lot of friends, and spent a fair amount of money. The faire itself was about average; nothing really stands out in my mind as great, and a lot of the time was spent wondering "what do we do now?". We could have gone to the faire today, as well, but chose instead to drive back home and get some things done around the house...like, for example, laundry.

I leave early tomorrow morning for the airport, and will be on Jimmy Kimmel Live tomorrow night to introduce the first date. (Hi, Krista!) I'll be there through Thursday morning. Then, I get to fly back to Minneapolis, and get my luggage off the carousel, go straight upstairs, and check in for my flight to Austin. Whee. I'll get to see some old friends while I'm in Austin, though, and the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema live appearance will be fun. Yes, I'll be passing out Linucon flyers. (Assuming I get them somehow Thursday evening, that is; otherwise, they'll be there Friday and Saturday.)

Sunday, I get home, do laundry again, and then get on a plane Monday and spend some part of the week in beautiful Secaucus, NJ. Whee. I don't know what's coming after that, yet.

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