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What, me country?

My musical tastes have always been in the particular pigeonhole the radio industry calls "classic rock". I had a rather eye-opening experience tonight: there's good stuff out there being made in the name of country music.

Jimmy Kimmel's musical guest tonight was country singer Tim McGraw. I'd expected the stuff that was labeled country when I was growing up, best characterized in a cartoon that I can't recall anything more about than the punchline: "bwanga twanga Better shut your face, buddy, before I ram this beer can up your nose!". What I got was stuff that was much closer to rock than country. Good stuff.

I told Jimmy that I'd have to lay hands on a copy of the album. He gave me the one he was holding up for the camera. (After he was finished holding it up.) He said that a lot of the band members grew up listening to the classics of rock...just like I had. I talked to a couple of the band members after the show, and they confirmed that, and not a few of them had been playing in rock bands before joining McGraw. One said he was as proud of the work they'd done as anything else he'd ever played, and I have to agree with him.

Guess I'm gonna have to punch up the modern country channel on my XM while driving down the road and see what else I'm missing.

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