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The first date on the air

The first date aired last night. It was fun, although it wasn't much of a typical date...after all, it's kinda hard to have a nice intimate afternoon when there are 7 people following you around with a TV camera.

I met Krista at the front door of the hotel. We talked a bit in the limo, on camera, getting to know each other. Some of that was taped, and became the footage shown at the beginning.

We first went to a roller skating rink. I'd thought I remembered how to do it. As the segment shows, I remembered a good deal less than I thought. I never gained any confidence on skates. The two times I fell were both captured and shown on TV. The second fall caused an intermittent break in the el-wire in the helmet that will take a fair amount of rework to fix, although I've worked around the problem for now. With all that, it was still fun.

Dinner was at Mori's, a teppanyaki (Benihana-style Japanese steakhouse) restaurant. Everyone ate a full meal first, and then we shot the scenes there in front of a second meal. *burp* The manager was very helpful, and the food quite good.

Next was a trip up into the Hollywood hills, past some extremely expensive houses on winding narrow streets. That's where the sunset scene was shot. Beautiful scenery. We saw a deer a ways down the hill, though that didn't get used.

Finally, back to the hotel. The scene was shot in my room, and Krista got two headshots (they wanted to tape me signing it twice). That really was an "awww" moment. The bit about turning the lights off was mainly so they could show the glowing wire.

It was an enjoyable day, even though it went longer than anyone predicted. Krista and I have exchanged emails, and I'll look her up the next time I'm in San Diego.

The second date will be shot today. I have no idea what we'll be doing, except that I'll go straight from there to LAX for the flight to Austin. I'll probably change out of the costume at the airport.

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