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Could my schedule get more insane?

Apparently so.

First, yesterday: I was up, packed, in costume, and checked out of the hotel by 9:30. We shot the second date by 2:30, and I took the stretch limo to LAX. I changed out of costume in the back of the limo. Good thing it had blackout tint on the windows, or else I'd have flashed hell out of some folks on the freeway.

Got to Austin on time, just after 10 PM. The flight was really lightly loaded, so I had my suitcase in short order, and got to the Alamo Drafthouse by 11. I sat around until the previous movie let out, then went into the back room and changed back into the costume. Before the movie, I took about 10 minutes' worth of questions, and then watched the film. landley came up to me after the movie, and I got pictures taken with several folks and answered even more questions. Rob and I talked a while, and then I went to the friend's house I'm staying at, where I stayed up a while longer talking before finally getting to bed about 3:15.

My cellphone's alarm clock function works well. It blasted me out of bed promptly at 5:30. Showered, drank coffee, ate a Pop-Tart, read the story in today's Austin American-Statesman, got back in the car, drove downtown. I was on the local Fox station's morning TV news for a segment. Drove back to Kurt's house. Collapsed.

I felt a lot better when I got up a little after noon, and a lot better still after a double meat Whataburger with cheese and jalapenos. Yum.

Now, next week's insanity:

On the way home from getting the yummy Whataburger, I got a call. I'm flying out to LA Monday morning, appearing on the show Monday night, taking the red-eye to Newark after the show, getting there sometime Tuesday morning, changing clothes at the airport, going to see a customer Tuesday and Wednesday, flying back to LA Thursday morning, then home Friday or Saturday. Is this crazy or what?

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