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Very short visit home

I was home for about 13 hours.

I had a hell of a time getting on the road. Northwest Express took forever to get my suitcase off the plane. I waited 10 minutes for the parking lot shuttle to show up. I had to wait while a little old lady dealt with getting on and off the shuttle with her walker. It took forever for the cashier to check me out of the lot. Finally, I stopped to try to check in online for today's flight, only to find out that the system wouldn't let me (and nobody can tell me why). Grumble. I got home about 5.

I did get the unitard washed, and it dried overnight with the help of a fan hanging in the machine room doorway. I was nervous that it wouldn't dry in time. Had Mexican food, caught up with mail, got a second copy of the UK FHM magazine, and my renewed Northwest WorldClub card. (I've said it before, and I'll repeat myself: It's worth every penny of the $400 annual membership for someone who travels a lot. It's a nice place to sit at the airport and get online and have something to drink and nibble on without having to listen to every screaming kid on the concourse.)

I got packed this morning, and headed back out about 6 AM. At least I got an upgrade on the flight. I need it: it makes dealing with the carryon much less hassle, and if I can't sleep on the airplane, at least I'll be able to relax.

I still think I'll be on Kimmel tonight, although I won't find out till I get to LA.

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