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The second date on the air

The second date aired Monday night. As before, it was an enjoyable day...

Mary Sue met me at the front door of her hotel. We limo-ed to Balboa Park for a picnic, provided by the show to my specifications. (Well, mostly.) We talked a while over fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, brownies, and champagne. The conversation was a bit surprising in that we discussed some things I never thought I'd talk about in front of a TV camera. (No, not that. Get your mind out of my gutter.)

In the middle of this, we were surprised by a guy with a violin walking up and playing. That was the part I didn't have anything to do with. He was pretty good. The effect was a little overdone, but made good TV.

Mary Sue had a folder with an essay she'd written on why she'd signed up for a date with a guy on TV. It was interesting to hear about. She also had a pair of sunglasses with el-wire wrapped around the lenses for me, though the connecting wire had broken. She's sending me another pair, and it should arrive tomorrow or so, given normal US Mail times to Fairmont.

From there, we went to Sherman Oaks Castle Park. It's an arcade with a mini-golf course, and we did the mini-golf first - at least some of it - before going inside and hitting some video games. I proved once again how bad I am at Dance Dance Revolution, and then did just as badly at an ATV game. The last thing we did was have me take swings at softballs in a batting cage. I only missed 4 pitches out of 25. Guess which ones made it to air? (I'm good at making contact, but not good at hitting with power. When playing the game, I usually wind up with infield hits.)

We parted after that. As I noted before, I went straight to LAX, while Mary Sue saw the show that night from the green room and flew back to Detroit on the red-eye.

Monday went by in a hurry. I got to the hotel about 3, checked in, talked on the phone a while, had dinner, showered, shaved, packed, and checked right back out. I got into the costume at the studio. Went down to the green room, hung out with the senior producer till it was time for me to go on, went on, introduced the bit, laughed along with Jimmy at it, talked a bit more, got off the stage.

I passed Farrah in the hall. Damn, but hasn't she aged well? I headed straight back to my dressing room to change back to street clothes, then left. I didn't meet any of the other guests, and didn't see Flogging Molly. I figured it was better to beat the mob away from the studio so I could make it to the airport on time. I did.

The red-eye was as I'd expected: long and tiring. I can't sleep sitting up. I didn't get any sleep on the flight, and arrived feeling like hell. The hotel I'd reserved a room at didn't have one ready for me when I got there, and I had to wait about 30 minutes. I did get an hour's nap in, before getting cleaned up and going to see the customer. I even managed not to fall asleep while I was there. I did sleep all afternoon, and pretty much all night, and feel reasonably human this morning.

Today is another day with the customer. I might try to see michaelmink this afternoon, if I get through early enough. Back to LA tomorrow. At least that one's not on the red-eye.

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